Parameter grid (Table A)

"Table A" contains the binary parameters used for the PCM experiments, set in the languages of our dataset. 

The most updated version of Table A can be found in this GitHub repository.


The table lists the following information:

1st column: progressive number of the parameters (p1, p2, p3, …)

2nd column: acronym of the parameter (three letters)

3rd column: name of the parameter

4th column: implicational constraints specifying the conditions for setting the parameter. They are expressed in a Boolean form, either as simple values of other parameters, or as conjunctions (written ‘,’), disjunctions (‘or’), or negation (‘¬’) thereof.

The order of the parameters is not motivated except for the ease of expression of cross-parametric dependencies, which are organized from top-down.

The alternative parameter states are encoded as ‘+’ and ‘-’. The neutralizing effect of implicational dependencies across parameters is encoded as ‘0’: the content of each parameter in such cases is entirely predictable or altogether irrelevant.

The list of questions used to determine the state of the parameters and instructions is available in Crisma et al. (2020).

An updated list of the languages parametrized so far can be found here.